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About Agri Boss

Agri Boss was established in 2004 and was, based in Wodonga in Victoria.

Agri Boss was guided by resident Director Mr Russell Klose who had traded in the Wodonga Region for 18 years and had an enviable reputation for integrity and service, and fully understood the challenges facing the Farming Communities.

Ill health has nescessitated Russell retiring from all involvement in Agri Boss, and Agri Boss is now 100% owned by a Docker Family company Humpuss Pty Ltd, which trades under the registered Business Name Agri Boss, and is now based in Rowville Victoria.


Agri Boss continues its committment to supply tractors and equipment that feature Affordable and Proven Technology to our Customers.


Agri Boss has taken the opportunity to redefine its product offerings which now feature a full range of tractors from 25HP to 180HP, with many having synchromesh and shuttle shift transmissions.

In addition to a large range of 3 point linkage implements and FELs , Agri Boss now offer a large range of multi cylinder engines, engine & pump sets including axial flow pumps, engine and generator sets up to 300kW

The manufacturers of Agri Boss tractors have Technical Agreements with leading European and Japanese tractor and engine manufacturers to ensure each Agri Boss tractor satisfies the demands of Australian farmers, and were selected only after exhaustive analysis by Agri Boss’s Chief Engineer, Mr Graham Docker, who has had 35years experience in Automotive Manufacturing in Australia, USA, Europe and China.

Each model Agri Boss tractor has passed the OECD Standard Tests Code 1 and Code 4 for performance and safety.

Agri Boss has taken the opportumnity incease its offerings in hay making machinery, which now includes square balers, mini round balers, mowers, rakes and bale wrappers.,

Agri Boss is renowned for it Spare Parts service for the Products it markets, and has now expanded this activity to cover most makes of tractors on the Australian Market including many of the older models andd most brands manufactured in China .

In addition to tractor spare parts, Agri Boss can supply spare parts for hydraulic systems, PTO drivelines, agricultural transmissions, linkages and New Holland hay balers .



Agriboss Pty Ltd provides a full 5 Year Warranty on both parts and labour for tractors and a full 1 year Warranty on both parts and labour for implements.


Where are the tractors manufactured?

All Agriboss tractors are manufactured in China. 

What International Quality Standards are the tractors manufactured to?

Agriboss tractors are manufactured in factories with ISO9000 certification and all models imported by Agriboss have been certified to OECD test codes 1 & 4. 

Are Agriboss tractors pre-delivered in Australia?

All Agriboss tractors are pre-delivered and a number of modifications to suit Australian operating requirments are undertaken at this time.  These include modifications to hydraulic systems, electrical systems, air intake systems and control systems.

Does Agriboss provide finance?

Regent Finance handles all financial requirements for Agriboss customers and offer:

  • Lease
  • Rent to Buy
  • Rental
  • Hire purchase
  • Personal

tailored to suit you business

Louis Nardella is our financial broker and he can be contacted on 0468 713 275.

Am I expected to pay for delivery?

Agriboss provides free delivery up to 250kms from the depot which the tractor is located. 

Is Agriboss assocaited with Agricat or Agrison?

NO ! Agri Boss was established in 2004 and is not and never has been assocaited with Agricat or Agrison.

Visit :

to find out more.

Can Agriboss provide an obligation free quote?

Yes please refer to our links othrough out this Web site..

Do Agriboss do trade-ins?

A qualified yes subject to age & condition of the tractor.  We offer a consignment selling service for customers with no storage fees.




Utility Vehicles

utility vehicles

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Muck Truck

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Carry All

carry all

Grader Blades
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diesel engines

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3 Point Linkage & Other Equipment



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